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04 th February 2013

 image of Digital skills bridge to connect communities

Digital skills bridge to connect communities

This spring Media Education Wales will be using film to break down language barriers in diverse minority communities in Wales.

Based in the new Culture and Media Centre in Cardiff Bay’s Loudon Square, the project will not only train members of the community to deliver film education workshops themselves, but will also develop digital resources in minority languages such as Arabic, Somali and Urdu. These multi-language resources can then be shared with film education practitioners throughout Wales.

Teachers from Mount Stuart Primary School will be given training in film education techniques and digital skills, including the integration of tablet technology and online blogs, to cultivate a self-sustaining film literacy legacy. Young people from the school will then engage with four-day workshops where they will explore Butetown’s rich cultural heritage through digital filmmaking.

The project will also link these Cardiff communities with those in the Upper Afan valley through Film Agency for Wales’ pioneering mobile cinema and regeneration scheme Film in Afan. The exchange of films produced during the workshops will facilitate an educational and cultural connection between different, often isolated, Welsh communities.

This project will be delivered by Media Education Wales with the support of Film Agency for Wales and Cardiff Community Housing Association.

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