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28 th January 2013

 image of A Taste for Film

A Taste for Film

Starting this month, multi-arts initiative Pontio will be introducing young people from two Bangor schools to the world of performance art.

BLAS is a year-long after-school project that will engage young people with a fusion of music, theatre and film. As well as learning performance arts skills in a bilingual environment, the participants will be introduced to diverse cultures through a range of carefully-selected films and a programme of film literacy delivered by Eilir Pierce.

The skills and knowledge gained from the sessions will then be put into practice as the young people create their own short films, which will be screened at various local sites and submitted to young people’s film festivals, including the 2014 PICS Film Festival Awards.

The relationship between performance art and film is developing rapidly, as live theatre, music and dance events are broadcast into cinemas via satellite. Engaging young people across art-forms at an early stage puts them at the frontier of cultural evolution.

The project will build young audiences in preparation for the official opening of Pontio and its new 450 seat cinema and arts centre in 2014.

The BLAS project will be delivered by Pontio in participation with Ysgol Glancegin, Ysgol Hirael, Pontio shop and Bangor University, with the support of Film Agency for Wales.

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